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"I am the essence of all men,
of the millions yet unborn.
I am the sap and soul of human life,
the realization of lovers' dreams.
I am the absorbing and resistless passion:
the one undying thing:
The everlasting Joy and torture.
That's what I am!"

"That First Affair"
John Ames Mitchell, 1896.

The first thing you see, as you enter this hotel, is the statue of WINGED LIFE by Philip Martiny which hovers protectively above the doorway on West 31st Street. It seductively appeals to the artist, lover and child in each of us and beckons one and all to enter his temple and peruse the art, inhale the heady aroma of history and dance with the memories of all the joy that he has created within.

This irresistible cherub was much of the inspiration behind John Ames Mitchell when he founded the original Life Magazine in 1883. A symbol of everlasting youth, joy, hope and love, this cupid can be found throughout the magazine's illustrations and editorial sidebars. As you can see by some of the illustrated magazine covers, the cupid "Life" is everything from the world's shield against evil, to the inspiration of love.

The image of cupid is a replication of the original sculpture: "Winged Life" by Philip Martiny. Martiny came to the U.S.A. when he was twenty years old, and proceeded to become one of the great sculptor's of his life. His crowning masterpiece, however, was that of "Winged Life" commissioned to herald the entranceway of Life Magazine's new office. The Temple Of The Child, at 19 West 31st Street (completed in 1893). From that point onward, this cupid became the physical statement of the magazine's philosophical approach it represented the pursuit of wisdom and truth with child like honesty, the endless fascination with love and romance, and the power of pure goodness, even in so tiny a body - to overpower evil.

An 1883 photo of Winged Life 's installation, from Life Magazine.

Our Boy Winged LifePhilip Martiny's 1893
Original Bronze 3 ft. 360 lb. Sculpture of
is back after 70 Years at
The Original "LIFE" Building
The Herald Square Hotel!!!!

The words at the presentation were few but graceful
"There are somethings in this life sweeter than fame, and more precious than prosperity. Something akin to the highest happiness exists in heads and hearts that work together with perfect trust and sincere affection."

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