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Winged LIFE Welcomes you!
The 112 year old Original Life Magazine Building.
The Home of Life Publishing Company Inc.

19 West 31st Street    •    New York, NY 10001
Tel: (212) 279-4017   •   Toll-free reservations: (800) 727-1888 in USA  •   Fax: (212) 643-9208


The LIFE Magazine Collection

February 20, 1896
"Leap Year"
Albert D. Blashfield

The first thing you see, as you enter this hotel, is the statue of WINGED LIFE by Philip Martiny which hovers protectively above the doorway on West 31st Street. It seductively appeals to the artist, lover and child in each of us and beckons one and all to enter his temple and peruse the art, inhale the heady aroma of history and dance with the memories of all the joy that he has created within.

Once in the hotel, you may take the elevator to the top floor and peruse the beautifully framed and captioned reproductions of the art which has graced the covers of LIFE magazine. In number of years the collection boasts only one hundred, but there is no collection of Renaissance art or Dutch Old Masters that can compete with the compelling heart, art, humor, wit and whimsy of the collection housed here

Major artists and illustrators of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries labored over their charcoals and pastels, oils and water colors; posing models and dreaming up mythical beasts, contriving political comments and satirical looks at the topics of the day, all for the sake of the cover on a weekly magazine. While you roam the hallways admiring the art you will notice that the hotel, although it has been modernized and upgraded in many ways, still contains a few remnants of the original architecture on the inside as well as the outside.

The beautiful wooden handrails on the stairways and the general layout of each floor offer glimpses of the past. And donšt fail to notice the recreation of WINGED LIFE in one pose or another on every floor. In the lobby, in addition to the usual check-in desk you will find a locker room and many racks offering tips to the traveler on what to see, where to go, how to do it best and all kinds of helpful information.

The staff is anxious to help you enjoy your visit so don't be afraid to ask for advice, tips and directions. On another page in this guide you will find helpful suggestions on what to see in the area outside the hotel. Tourist spots and shopping meccas, dining suggestions and general information to make your visit to the greatest hotel in the greatest city in the world more rewarding. Ask us...if we don't know...we'll find out for you!

The Cherub "Winged" LIFE appears on many of LIFE Magazines covers,
here are just a small sample of his exploits of Love and Laughter.

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