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Winged LIFE Welcomes you!
The 112 year old Original Life Magazine Building.
The Home of Life Publishing Company Inc.

19 West 31st Street    •    New York, NY 10001
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The Herald Square Hotel was built by Charles Dana Gibson as the home of Life Magazine and John Ames Mitchell in 1893. Life Magazine continued publication from this site through the mid 1920's. We are happy to present multiple images created by Life Publishing Company Inc.. These images throughout the hotel represent the art and times of this wonderful comic magazine.

Life Publishing Company Inc. represents more that just a magazine. It is a pictorial and written history of New York City, the country and the world at the turn of the twentieth century. "Winged Life", the symbolic editor, is represented in many of the images throughout the hotel. Be sure to notice our original cupid which graces the entrance to the building. According to Life Magazine, "The statue holds the place of honor in this our temple of Truth and Wisdom, for it represents the friendship of our friends."

Start here and look at the seasonal cover gallery. This group of covers changes with events, holidays, and seasons. We don't know of any topic that wasn't covered by its "covers" over its 52 years of existence.

We hope you will take time to enjoy the many covers, articles and history throughout the hotel.

Over the next few months we will be adding many more pictures from our extensive collection associated with the original artists, writers and editors. Every top illustrator of the time contributed to Life Magazine on or "under the covers".

"Obey That Impulse"

More New Year's Covers
New Year's Numbers
New Year's Number
December 29, 1910
Albert D. Blashfield
More Christmas Covers
Xmas Covers
Christmas Number
December 25, 1888
Albert D. Blashfield

More Thanksgiving Covers
Thanksgiving Numbers
Thanksgiving Number
November, 1903

Albert D. Blashfield
More St. Patrick's Covers
St. Patricks Day Covers
March 12, 1903
St. Patrick's
Albert D. Blashfield
More Spring Covers
The Simple Life
"The Simple Life"
David Ericson
More Valentines Covers
Valentine Numbers
Valentine Number
February 15, 1906
More Easter Covers
Easter Covers
Easter Number
April 2, 1903
John Cecil Clay
More Cherub Covers
Cherub Covers
"The Story of his Life
Charles Dana Gibson
More Dog Covers
Dogs Covers
March 5, 1925
"The End of a Perfect Day"
More Atumn Covers

October 5. 1905


John Cecil Clay
More Memorial Day Covers
May 29,1919
May 29,1919
"History Repeats Itself"
Power O'Malley
More Show Biz Covers
June 17, 1926
Broadway Number
Garrett Price
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