Simmons® HealthSmart beds at The Herald Square Hotel
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Simmons® HealthSmart beds at
The Herald Square Hotel

Mattresses can serve as a reservoir for germs, with moisture, bacteria and skin cells creating the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms.
The HealthSmart™ Bed's unique design prevents the contamination of the mattress. Allergens, spills and other debris are confined to the HealthSmart™ mattress top which can be removed and washed to create a healthy sleep environment.
HealthSmart Bed How It Works
Washing of the HealthSmart Bed is possible because of the zip-off mattress top design and the materials used in its construction. The HealthSmart ™ Bed is made with three layers of fabric, each serving a specific purpose in the creation of a healthier sleep environment:
  Coolmax® channeled fibers wick away sweat and moisture as you sleep and allow fabric to dry quickly in the laundry.
  Nano-Tex™ creates a semi-impervious layer that traps fluids and particles so they can be washed away.
  Terry cloth treated with Teflon® fabric protector provides an extra level of protection.

Coolmax® is registered trademark of Invista used under license by Dupont Sabanci.
Nano-Tex™ is a trademark of Nano-Tex, LLC used under license.
Teflon® is a registered trademark of Dupont used under license by Simmons Bedding Company.

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