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Country: USA
Arrival: 10/6/09
Departure: 10/12/09
Previous hotel guest: NO

I was amazed @ The Herald Square Hotel

We checked out yesterday and I didn't want another day to go by without writing to tell you that we had a wonderful time.

Though I only got the names of Myra (who was enormously kind and helpful) and Eliana (also very helpful), everyone we encountered was kind and took an extra moment to make sure that we had what we needed. I managed to tip the gentlemen who helped us with luggage but we left the room in a hurry and I neglected to tip the cleaning staff. I'll redress this when I come by later in the week.

Here's what was especially nice:
the rooms were impeccably clean. We stayed first in 219 and then moved to 806 and each of them was just pristine and very comfortable. (We ended up having to move rooms because we'd asked for a room with a window, as we each have asthma, and the first room opened on to the building's a/c exhaust, but Myra was very kind and quick to fix this for us.)

I was amazed at the quality of the renovation -- not only were the materials used just exquisitely good quality in keeping with the quality of the hotel, but the workmanship was outstanding -- the trim joinery, for example, was flawless. The towels were wonderful, the dryer was great, the water pressure was good and strong.

I appreciated also that there was a public bathroom for our use off the lobby.

Back to the cleaning -- I managed my city's largest and most historic bed-and-breakfast for some time and know well how hard it is to have every room be consistenly spotless and welcoming. We did it, day in and day out, but it takes more work and skill than most people would know, and I commend and thank you and your staff.

  So. We had a lovely time -- thank you and your entire staff for your professionalism and your courtesy.

City: Atlanta, GA
Country: USA
Arrival: 6/7/09
Departure: 6/14/09
Previous hotel guest: NO

I just wanted to say what a great trip I had this week in New York.

A family member and I stayed Monday and Tuesday at the Herald and were very pleased. Everyone was very helpful and kind. Your staff was gracious and courteous. Also, the mock banter between the guy who helped us with our luggage and the manager was cute. We could see that you are able to run a professional establishment and still have a relaxed atmosphere. Our room, although small was very clean and comfortable. I will definitely tell all my friends and family to give the hotel their business when traveling to New York and will certainly be back myself. By the way, I love my key chain!!

Wooster, Ohio
Country: USA
Arrival: 12/5/08
Departure: 12/7/08
Previous hotel guest: YES

I just want to say what a pleasure it was to stay at The Herald Square Hotel.

To The Hearld Square Hotel:
My sister and myself come to New York once a year from a shopping trip. This was the first time we stayed at you hotel. We were so impressed with our room, we have decided to stay there on our next trip. We stayed in one of the remodeled rooms with the queen sized beds with the biggest bathroom we every saw in a New Your hotel.

We came to New York City this year at Christmas time, usually we come to New York in the spring. I looked on the internet for 2 months before we decided to stay there. It was a easy walk to the subway and stores.

Thank you for our great stay and the staff was very helpful and nice.

City: Atlanta, GA
Country: USA
Arrival: 11/6/08
Departure: 11/9/08
Previous hotel guest: NO

The Herald Square Hotel, We had a wonderful stay!
To The Hearld Square Hotel:

It has been a week since my sister's and my first trip to NYC and I am still dreaming about the fabulous stay we had in your lovely hotel. The staff was warm, friendly and very responsive to all of our needs and requests. This made our stay so much more wonderful. You really did make us feel special and we thank you for that.

Our room was fabulous. From the oh so comfortable queen sized beds with beautiful linens, to the flat screen wall mounted TV, to the fantastic double sinked and deep tub bathroom, we felt like we were in the lap of luxury, but without the high-end price tag! You ARE the best kept secret in NYC! We definitely will be back for another visit next year.

Many, many thanks again for adding to our wonderful experience in New York. I am recommending your hotel to all my friends and family!

NAME: E. S. On Air Presentation Coordinator
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Arrival: 8/21/08
Departure: 8/29/08
Previous hotel guest: NO

Hi There I stayed at your wonderful hotel a few months ago and I've been recommending it to everyone I know since I've gotten back to Australia but I thought I should take the time to say "thank you" for providing me with such a positive experience. Your staff were so friendly and kind, taking the time to recommend local sites and best routes to get there. I was nervous about coming to New York by myself with everything you hear about crime, but I felt so safe at your hotel and I think that speaks volumes! So once again, I appreciate your hospitality and keep up the great work. I look forward to staying with you again soon,

Herald Square Hotel New York City: "I'll be there, e'er long"!
Jan 20 '06

Author's Product Rating
comfy beds, location, price, quiet, clean, safe, on site laundry and Free internet

I Hated to Check Out and Leave this wonderful oasis.

The Bottom Line
I would recommend anybody to stay here. It's a very friendly and warm hotel that puts the smile in service!

Full Review
This review is part of my whirlwind week-end in New York City. My review on the city is HERE.
I recently had a stay in this particular hotel, running from 1-14-2006 to 1-16-2006. My friend and I read nothing but rave reviews about the hotel on the internet through the various travel websites, as well as their own website.

Tip: Book EARLY. This place fills up quick, and judging from this review and the many others you'll no doubt read, you will soon learn why.

Type (and cost!) of Room
My friend and I had one of their large rooms, with 2 double beds and huge private bath. The price was 90 dollars per night, inclusive of all taxes surcharges and the like.

The hotel is located at 19 west 31st street, between 5th and 7th avenues. It is literally a short walk from Penn Station, Madison Square Garden, 2 blocks off Broadway and Madison aves. It's also in walking distance to the Empire State Building. It's basically in Central Manhattan, real near Times Square and the like.

This hotel is also situated in the old Time-Life Magazine building, so there is a lot of memorabilia in the building from that era. You will see the Time-Life angels adorned throughout, also very nice gold gilt mirrors on every floor near the elevator. And if you look hard enough, you can see poems in black picture frames on walls throughout the building as well.


There is coin-op laundry back by the soda machine on the lobby floor, as well as an internet terminal (1$ gets you 5 minutes, and its NOT dialup either) or you can bring your laptop and jack in for free. That's right...FREE.
There is also a nice seating area, complete with huge plate glass window and nice leather chairs and sofas where you can either read, go over your map, talk to your travel mate or other people that happen to be about... or just use your cellphone since you're going to get crap for a signal if you have any other carrier but Verizon Wireless.

Checking In

We arrived at the hotel well before check in time. Check in was 3 pm, we arrived at 11 am. I was expecting to ask where we could stow our things because our room wouldn't be ready for another 2 hours. To my surprise, we had our key and were up in our room in less than ten minutes.

How's the Service?
The service we had experienced throughout our stay there, and in New York City in general, was first class from start to finish. If you forgot something at home, the front desk either had it and would supply it at no charge to you, or they would go out and get it for you. I left my toothbrush at home... Oops. No big deal, they gave me one as well as some toothpaste.
The front desk could also tell you where to go to get some good cheap eats within a four or five block walk, and even gave us coupons for dinner Saturday night at Bella Napoli, on Madison Ave.
Housekeeping even replaced ALL of our towels, gave us fresh sheets and comforters, and vacuumed BOTH DAYS we were there. They returned the room to spotless, and didn't touch or move ANY of our things. I felt VERY safe here.

The 25 Cent Tour
Our room was not small at all, and was located on the 7th floor. On first glance, it had to be at least 20 foot long by at least 15 foot wide, not including the SPACIOUS bathroom that looked to be about 9 foot by 10 foot, and came complete with bathtub (yes you could take a bubble bath in it) and a marble sink with marble counter top. Shnazzy!
The beds were on the back wall (if you're looking from the doorway), and there was a light above each bed, complete with switch and double power outlet all in one. Neato idea for charging your cellphone and the like. There was a shared night table between the two. Above that night table there was a picture of one of the famous Time-Life angels.
On the right wall, ran a dresser. It was right next to the bed on the right, which just so happened to be MY bed. Not much walking room between the bed and dresser, but it was liveable. Next to that, was a floor safe, with directions we couldn't figure out. On the back wall, above and to the right of my bed was a very large mirror which had a bright light above it for putting on your makeup, removing contacts, etc.

Along the wall that housed our front door, was an inset with a pole going between the two walls for hanging clothes, a luggage rack below for placing a suitcase, and placing shoes. Next to that and in front of the left bed was a large 27 inch television inside a cabinet, and the door to the bathroom. On the left wall, was the window and A/C Unit.
The bathroom, as stated earlier, looked to be about 9 foot by 10 foot, if not bigger. It had a marble sink and vanity area, complete with large mirror and 3 very bright lightbulbs above, handy for putting on makeup. It had a window that was openable, handy for de steaming the bathroom. There were 2 open outlets so you could use a hair dryer or curling iron or both at the same time.

There was a bathtub that had a showerhead in it. Someone had the great idea to get one of those shower rods that curved OUTWARD to prevent the curtain from sticking to your body! Pure Genius!

Sleeping in Comfort
The room was quiet. The beds were comfortable to the point where I fell asleep within minutes of laying down, and I can't do that even at home! The pillows were fluffy, the comforters were fuzzy and soft. I laid down, I was out. Let's face it, a hotel room is a hotel room, they all look the same when your eyes are closed!!

Checking Out =(
The process was smooth and quick, they printed a reciept, asked my friend to sign (hey, he paid for it not me), handed him a copy and a souveneir keychain with an angel on it (which now resides on my suitcase with my name and addressed engraved into it).

Overall Score
The location is great, the price was unbeatable, the room was clean, the staff was very friendly, and the beds were comfortable. As far as I'm concerned, this hotel gets a 10 out of 10 stars. I would recommend anybody to stay here. The next time I'm in New York City, I certainly will. Heck, I'd go to New York City just to be able to stay here again!
Recommended: Yes !!!!

19 West 31st Street • New York, NY 10001
Tel:(212) 279-4017 • Toll-free reservations: (800) 727-1888 in USA • Fax:(212) 643-9208

The Herald Square Hotel is NOW A TOTALLY SMOKE FREE HOTEL. . . There is NO SMOKING ANYWHERE in the Hotel . . . Thank You For Your Support
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