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Winged LIFE appears on many of LIFE Magazines covers,
here are just a small sample of his exploits of Love and Laughter.

For More New Years Covers

New Year's Number
December 29, 1910
Albert D. .Blashfield
For More Xmas Covers

Christmas Number
December 25, 1888
Albert D. .Blashfield
More Thancksgiving Covers

November, 1903
"Thanksgiving NOV. 1903"
Charles Dana Gibson

"Thanksgiving Number"
Charles Dana Gibson

February 21, 1902
"Getting away with it"
Charles Dana Gibson

Valentine Number
February 15, 1906

Charles Dana Gibson

Charles Dana Gibson

James Montgomery Flagg

Leap Year Number
Albert D. .Blashfield

The Peach Crop
August 16, 1923

A Heart to Heart Talk
May 19, 1925

What Make It Go Round?

Picture Perfect

The Hit and Run Driver
February 15, 1929

The Prince of Profiteers
January 22, 1920

"Where do we go from here?"

Rural Number
May 25, 1894

"April Showers"
April 5, 1925

Turtle Dove Number
"The Fountain Of Youth"

June 6. 1912

"Woman's Right Number"
April 1, 19

October 1, 1908

February 27, 1908

September 6, 1906

November, 27 1903
"Thanksgiving Number"
Albert D. .Blashfield

February 1, 1929
"now 10¢"

March 12, 1903
Albert D. .Blashfield

April 24, 1913
Albert D. .Blashfield

August 21, 1919
"Nervous Prostration"
Walter Tittle

September 9, 1906

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