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From the Pages of LIFE Magazine

The A. B. C. of Courtship

APPLY adulation aptly.
Beg beauty's beneficence.
Consult "Cherie" constantly.
Display delightful deference.
Ever exhibit eagerness.
Furnish flattery freely.
Give gifts generously.
Hold her hands.
Insinuate impressive iniquities.
Jog jealousy judiciously.
Kiss kindly kinsfolk.
Leave languishing looks.
Mention match-making mammas.
Never neglect nattiness.
Offer oblations obsequiously.
Plan pleasure parties.
Quickly quit quarrels.
Rapidly renew reconciliations.
Scorn sweethearts' scratches.
Try tete-a-tete tactics.
Ubiquitous urchins unnerve.
Vocalize votive verses.
'Xtend 'xorbitant 'xpectations.
Yowl your yearnings.
Zig-zag Zionward zealously.

Geo. B. Morewood.




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