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Wladyslaw T. BENDA (1873-1948) is most well known for his theatrical masks. He also invented the very successful "Benda Girl". Her success as a beautifully illustrated figure kept him working as an illustrated for most major magazines. His Polish background also made his flair for Eastern European scenes an important contribution to his illustration career. His illustrations were often a combination of pencil, ink, charcoal and watercolor or pastel.

February 14.1930
"The Look of the Month"
W. T. Benda

July 13, 1922
W. T. Benda

October 5, 1922
W. T. Benda

September 27, 1923
W. T. Benda

March 8, 1923
W. T. Benda

August 31, 1922
W. T. Benda
In Appreciation of W. T. Benda

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