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A LIFE Magazine "St. Patricks Day" Gallery

March 3, 1903
Albert D Blashfield

March 18, 1915
"Saint Patrick's Day Number"
"Begorry! if thot Iditoraint Irish
He Is but He Dont Know It"
F. G. Cooper

March 17, 1927
"The Wearing of the
F. G. Cooper

March 19, 1908
"Saint Patrick's Day"
James M Flagg

March 15, 1923
B. Cory Kilvert

March 7, 1907
"Saint Patrick's Day"
James M Flagg

March 3, 1904
"Saint Patrick"
Maxfield Parrish

March 1, 1906
March 1, 1906
"The First Green of the Season"
G. H. Broughton

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