Our water filtration system makes
our water as pure as bottled water. . .

Bruner Water Treatment Systems
2375 Sanders Road Northbrook,
IL 60062-6209

Dear Mr. Abraham Puchall,

Congratulations on being the first hotel in New York City to install the Bruner Multi Layer Water Filtration System. As you know, this system will provide your entire hotel with water free from dirt, sediment, iron, particulate matter, as well as any foul tastes and odors. A cleaner water supply will compliment all your other efforts to provide your hotel guests with comfortable and healthy accommodations. In this day and age, with the quality of your water supplies in question; it makes sense to take the steps you have taken to insure the best possible drinking and washing water. We're sure your hotel guests will appreciate it.

Bob Englander
Technical Representative
Bruner Water Treatment Systems

19 West 31st Street • New York, NY 10001
Tel:(212) 279-4017 • Toll-free reservations: (800) 727-1888 in USA • Fax:(212) 643-9208

The Herald Square Hotel is NOW A TOTALLY SMOKE FREE HOTEL. . . There is NO SMOKING ANYWHERE in the Hotel . . . Thank You For Your Support
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